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A vision of intimacy that is not limited to the simple sexual act. A global experience allowing you to transcend your daily life through the realization and sharing of your fantasies.

I am truly privileged since I have the chance to experience a special connection with each of my clients. Which brings me a lot. A relationship based on trust and consequently on the understanding and satisfaction of your desires.

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The experience  GFE

Without even being aware of the wording and its definition, I have always been fully and naturally a multi-faceted woman, interested in people and the connections that follow. Passionate and curious, these characteristics are reflected as much through different interests, topics of conversation, as in intimacy. Invent and  sharing new discoveries that amplify desire and lead to ecstasy are essentials that allow us to ventilate a life that is often too routine and conformist.

The date that I propose to you is therefore far from being of the accounting type. In simplicity, I offer you to be totally present in body and mind and above all whole through this beautiful experience.

Me... in short

No cliches here. I am a perfectly imperfect person. My personality has its qualities and its defects. My body is my vehicle and even if I take good care of it, I will not sell you the stereotype of the perfect body. Beauty being in the eyes of the beholder. Of course, there are some of my characteristics and some of my attributes which I particularly appreciate and which I believe are a must as a courtesan. My empathy, my openness and my sociability allow me to listen, to go beyond your desires and to like to explore. My butt is also, I think, quite inspiring.

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My template

Small size, 5.2 feet, 115 pounds 34C, 26, 34. Experienced yogi and seasoned runner, in her thirties ...

Axel Hump 
Luxury courtesan

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