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Girl Friend Experience

A social and intimate attitude that wants to be comparable to that of a girlfriend. This is a broad definition that can have as many meanings as there are individuals.

My own interpretation is quite broad and encompassing. I like sharing caresses, kissing, giving pleasure in several forms, receiving and sharing it. I like being in a more dominant role as much as being in a more submissive one. I like the softness, but also the intensity. I much prefer exploration to routine.

I practice safe GFE. Protection is therefore required and non-negotiable.

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Bondage and discipline (B&D), Dominance and Submission (D&S)

My comfort level is in soft BDSM and in the dominant role. I am at ease through different approaches and I master various techniques that I apply in a safe way to offer you a risk-free zone, allowing you to surrender with confidence.



It's a kind of practice that encompasses spirituality through sexuality. It has its origins in India and is part of the same family as yoga. Its foundation is based on the Kundalini , the central point of the sexual energy which is intended to be an exchange without pressure of performance and result. It is possible to integrate various positions of the Karma sutra into it . It is a technique that I particularly like because it allows connection while raising desire and it is a very enriching experience of well-being. 

Axel Hump 
Luxury courtesan

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